Live Blog: 2012 General Election -


Live Blog: 2012 General Election

Live Blog of the 2012 general election

  • Welcome to the Tribune election live blog. We’ll be putting up polls, links to stories, election results and other information that comes our way. We’ll also try to answer your questions.
    We invite you to join in by discussing the election and tossing out your predictions and opinions. Here are a few ground rules, if you want your comments to appear on the blog:
    - Absolutely no name calling.
    - No inappropriate language.
    - Supporting or opposing a candidate or cause is fine, but please do more than just cheer or bash. Throw in some reasons or facts (with citations, if possible).
    - No blanket statements. (Such as, “all liberals ________,” or, “all conservatives _________.)
    - All comments are up to the discretion of the Bismarck Tribune.
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